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Best Party Photo Booth Green Screen Phoenix, AZ

Green screen photo booth is a special effect that lets you replace a physically green background with a digital image. Many people associate this effect with blockbuster movies, but now you don’t need to have a Hollywood-sized budget to join in on the fun. All you need is Goof Booth Photo Booth and a green backdrop. Photo booth users can choose one of the backgrounds and it will be superimposed behind them on the photos they take. Your participants can even see a preview in real-time to get creative and have more fun. Green screen lets you have a branded backdrop for a business or at an event without the expense, time, and logistics of having a custom backdrop printed and shipped. Or you can get creative and have fun using unique photos from far-out places. As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless. With a green screen photo booth rental, you’re able to choose from just about any digital photo available. Contact Goof Booth now 480-630-1064. www.goofboothaz.com


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