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Unforgettable Corporate Event Photo Booth Rental in Phoenix, AZ




Yes, your next corporate event needs a Photo Booth! Why you ask… because without one your event is incomplete!

Goof Booth Photo Booth offers the perfect way to market your brand. You can brand the outside appearance of the photo booth, the touchscreen and even the photo strips themselves. What better way to show off your brand than a customized photo that your guests will pin up for all to see with all your company’s information on it?  

A Photo Booth is a great way for employees to have fun and create laughter as a team.              


Attendees usually expect music and food but adding a photo booth will add an extra touch that will make great memories. A Photo Booth takes your event to the next level.

You can create a social presence. Photo Booths now have the capability to share your photos to Facebook, Twitter, Email and even through text messages on phones. What better way to boost your social presence than your employees having a great time in the Photo Booth? Plus, you’re the photos are branded with your brand.

Remember Photo Booth will be a great way to look back and remember the fun times at your next corporate event.

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